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Costa  De  Luna  captures  the  unique  spirit of the North Coast. A variety of villas, twin houses, & chalets offer private views of the Mediterranean  seacoast.  Exquisite  water features,  private  lagoon,  swimming  pools, lush  gardens,  and  a  selection  of restaurants  and  dining  choices,  are  all  set within  proximity  to  a  stunningly  tiered landscape that boasts spectacular views.

The  concept  of  Costa  De  Luna  takes advantage  of  the  destination’s  charming lifestyle,  transforming  it  into  an  iconic landmark  with  a  timeless  design  and high-end experiences, selection of stand-alone  villas,  town  houses,  and twin-houses  offer  Costa  De  Luna’s residents a variety of living spaces to cater to  the  individual  needs  of  its  home owners,  with  indoor-outdoor  designs  that offer  residents  the  opportunity  to  relax  in the  privacy  of  their  own  home,  while taking  in  stunning  panoramic  views  of the Mediterranean Sea complemented by Costa De Luna’s abundance of water features, and gardens.

Costa De Luna is a home to prime real estate, offering unparalleled sea views of the Mediterranean, lush gardens, exquisite water features and pools at every turn, and effortless indoor-outdoor living, this prime beachfront location is where quality living meets relaxed indulgence.

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